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Fishing is a fascinating form of recreation that gives unforgettable impressions and pleasant emotions. In order for fishing to become even more successful and efficient, you need to know the fishing forecast for tomorrow.

When the fish are biting is always a joyful experience for every angler. But it is often not clear how to prepare for fishing in order to find the best spots and catch a lot of fish. In this article, we will look at some tips to help you prepare for tomorrow's fishing trip and find cool fishing spots.

Full Moon
Full Moon

Fishing forecast for tomorrow:

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The lunar calendar has long been used by anglers to get fishing forecast. It is based on the phases of the moon and the effect these phases have on fish activity. In this article, we will look at how to use the lunar calendar to prepare for tomorrow's fishing trip.

How will the lunar calendar help you find out the fishing forecast for tomorrow?

The phases of the moon can affect the activity of the fish, depending on the age and position relative to the Earth. In the first three days after the new moon and before the full moon, when the moon is at its zenith, fish activity usually increases. These days the fish are more active and looking for food.

At the same time, between the full and new moon, when the moon is low in the sky, fish activity usually decreases. This may be due to the fact that during these phases of the moon, the light flux reaching the water decreases.

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